Megapixel wars have been very hot since smartphone makers offer 48 Megapixel, 64 Megapixel and even 108 Megapixel cameras on their devices. However, it seems that the brands are not satisfied with these resolutions. Now, new claims have made the first signals for phones with 192 Megapixel cameras.

192 Megapixel camera phones on the road
A new leak has appeared in 192 Megapixel phones on Weibo, China’s famous social media platform. Also, the person who released the leak looks at it with certainty that the device will be powered by an SM7250 (Snapdragon 765 series) mobile processor.

Snapdragon 765 mobile processors support 192 Megapixel cameras. Processors, however, only support snapshots, which means HDR and general multi-frame processing are not available at this resolution.

So what brand can this 192 Megapixel camera phone be? The report released this week indicated that LG plans to release a Snapdragon 700 mobile processor series and a 5G phone next month. However, we saw that Xiaomi made a big change last year with Samsung by launching the first 64 Megapixel and 108 Megapixel phones.

It is not the first time we have heard of higher resolution cameras on smartphones. Qualcomm has previously confirmed that the Snapdragon 865 processor supports 200 Megapixel cameras.


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