Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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26-year-old ‘stay-at-home girlfriend’ criticises viewers who call her life ‘a joke’

A 26-year-old self-proclaimed “stay-at-home girlfriend” has critcised followers who have questioned her lifestyle, after she revealed that she doesn’t make her own money and instead relies on her boyfriend’s income.

Rose, who goes by the username @rosedavisx on TikTok, frequently posts videos about her life as a “stay-at-home” girlfriend, as she claims that she is the one who takes care of the couple’s house daily while her partner goes to work.

In a video posted last month, she said that her partner “tells [her] stay home and enjoy [her] life and agrees to pay for [her] hair appointments, manicures & pedicures, lashes, botox, laser hair removal, clothes, and makeup”.

As for what her boyfriend does, she noted in the comments under one of her videos that her partner, Harry, is a “financial advisor, investor in companies, and owns real estate”.

In a clip posted earlier this month, Rose documented a “day in the life of a 26-year-old house wife / stay at home gf,” with the start of her day consisting of getting her eyelashes done, eating a few snacks, doing some stretches, and “cleaning the bathroom”.

She then revealed that, after she “watched a little bit of Selling Sunset,” she “organised the pantry”. Rose then filmed her oven, which had two heart-shape cakes in it.

“I wanted [Harry] to come home to cake,” she said, while icing the dessert. “I’m still getting to learn how to do baking and learning to cook and stuff. I’ve never been that into it, but since I’m staying home, I have been.”

Once Harry got home, Rose said that she started making dinner for the couple. After that, they watched some more television together, before she took a bath, where she did some journaling and drank some wine.

As of 17 May, the video has more than 1m views, with TikTok users in the comments criticising Rose over her lifestyle.

“Idk how this is people’s dream life? You would get so bored of not having something proper to do surely,” one person said, while another wrote: “Please tell me this is a joke.”

A third user claimed that “too many” were “thinking this is the dream”.

In a follow-up video, Rose addressed some of the negative comments, with the TikToker claiming that she wouldn’t want to change her situation.

“When ‘feminists’ in my comment section say don’t I get bored and wouldn’t I rather work and make my own money, rather than stay home and enjoy my life,” the text over the video reads.

In response, she lip-synced a sound that said: “Um, let me think about that. Would I? No, no, I wouldn’t.”

The video prompted some viewers to express their support for Rose for making her own choices in the comments, with one person writing: “Feminism is all about choice for me, if your happy girl keep doing you!”

“Sad how miserable some people are that they come on here to hate on your life choices. Keep doing u girl x,” another viewer said.

However, other viewers claimed that Rose should be more financially independent, with another comment reading: “The issue is being self-sufficient. If you don’t have to work, it would be wise to work on your education so that you can rely on yourself in future.”

The Independent has contacted Rose for comment.


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