Apple’s new iPhones are excellent, but some of you might want to skip the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR in favor of next year’s models.

In September Apple launched two new iPhones. One is a 5.8-inch successor to the iPhone X dubbed iPhone XS. The other is a larger 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus dubbed iPhone Xs Max.

Apple’s third phone is a cheaper 6.1-inch LCD model called iPhone XR. The iPhone XR comes in a variety of colors and features a cheaper price point.

Those of you in the market for a new phone would be wise to go hands-on with Apple’s new iPhones before buying (or waiting to buy) your next phone. Others might want to start thinking about waiting for next year’s crop of iPhones.

We’re likely a year away from most of the 2019 iPhone announcements, but we’ve already seen several credible rumors emerge as we push away from the iPhone XS launch.

Apple’s 2019 phones are still in development which means plans can and likely will change before they’re unveiled to the public, but there are already some great reasons to think about waiting for the 2019 models.

In this guide we’ll take you through reasons to consider waiting and also some reasons to think about settling on another device in 2018 or in the first half of next year.

Wait for a Smaller Notch/No Notch

Wait for a Smaller Notch/No Notch

There’s no escaping the notch in 2018. 

Apple’s new iPhones employ a notch that’s similar to the notch found on the iPhone X. The notch houses important sensors, but it’s drawn the ire of many smartphone users due to its intrusiveness. 

If you aren’t a huge fan of the notch you’ll want to consider waiting for next year’s models and here’s why. 

According to reports, there’s a chance the 2019 iPhones come with true edge-to-edge displays. In other words, no notches on the display. 

The reports claim the devices will still keep Face ID, but it’s unclear how Apple would accomplish this without the notch. 

Even if Apple does decide to keep the notch around, it could be much smaller on the next batch of iPhones

Apple is reportedly exploring ways to combine Face ID and the front-facing camera which could reduce the size of the notch.



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