Sunday, August 1, 2021
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49 people isn’t enough. Microsoft Teams will soon have a 98-person view.

Microsoft Teams Note20 On KeyboardSource: Dan Thorp-Lancaster / Windows Central

Microsoft continues to expand how many people you can view on your screen at once in Teams meetings. Once limited to a mear handful of video feeds at once, Teams now supports a 7×7 grid to show 49 people at once. Soon, the communication app will have a 98-person view, though it will work a bit differently. The feature is already available in the public preview channel.

Instead of creating a bigger grid to show more people at once, Teams will have two 7×7 grids that you can quickly toggle between with navigation arrows. This might be a more feasible option, as most monitors aren’t large enough to have 98 people be identifiable at once.

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As more people work and study from home, larger meetings become increasingly normal. While 49-person view covers a lot of meetings, being able to show more people is never a bad option.

With the addition of navigation arrows that allow you to toggle between different groups of people, Microsoft could easily expand the view further. There’s no reason that the company couldn’t allow an option to navigate to a third page or further to view videos of hundreds of people.

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