If you live an active lifestyle, you’re probably wanting to take some extra precautions to make sure that you’re Galaxy S10 stays safe. You use it to track your workouts, but you don’t want it falling out of your pocket and hitting the hard pavement. That’s why you need an armband phone holder case for the Galaxy S10 — set one in the case, wrap the armband around your arm, and it’ll stay securely in place, covered with a shock-proof cushion.

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Many of these armband phone holders are flexible still providing you yourself with a comfortable cushion, even if you now have added weight on your arm. All of these armband phone holders have cable routing for listening to music, and there’s also pockets for taking any goods you need to with you (i.e. a credit card or gym key).

Not sure which one to get? Follow along below and we’ll show you the best options available today.

And coming up as our favorite here at The Droid Guy, there’s the Tribe Water Resistant Cell Phone Armband Case. Easily the best armband phone holder money can buy, this one provides you with shock-proof protection, screen protection, and even repels water; perfect for those jogs where it’s pouring rain out. It stays secure on your arm, and will work with most phones on the market. The phone holder itself is adjustable, which means you can adjust the strap to fit varying arm sizes, from tiny to large.

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In second position on our countdown, we have the Portholic Sweat Resistant Armband. If you’re tired of your armband phone holders accruing odors over time, this one is made out of a comfortable and breathable material that keeps perspiration at bay. On top of that — there are some really good cable routing features on this armband, so no worries about yanking a pair of headphones out of your Galaxy S10.

As an added bonus, there’s actually a slot that your Galaxy S10 slips into on this armband, which also works to keep your screen covered and free from scratches. It’s also expandable, which makes it ideal for all arm sizes.

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Maybe you’ve got a case on your new Galaxy S10 and you don’t want to take it off to put the phone in an armband every time you go running or jogging. Luckily, Tune Belt is one of the few accessory makers that make armband phone holders large enough to accommodate the Galaxy S10 with a thick case like the Otterbox Defender. On top of that, Tune Belt still provides you with cable routing and a pocket for any belonging you want to take with you on your jog.

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In fourth place on our countdown, Comsoon offers a rather unique armband phone holder with their own Running Armband 360 Case. Designed for jogging activities specifically, this one will securely keep your Samsung Galaxy S10 in place. As you might expect, there’s a spot for cable routing, as well as a pocket for all of your extra belongings you need to take with you.

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The highlight of this armband is that your phone sits on a swivel — this allows you to easily manage your text messages, see your GPS, or make phone calls while you’re on the run. Finally, made with a breathable material, the Comsoon armband repels odors as well.

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Coming up as last on our countdown, we have the Universal Armband Phone Holder. We really like this one because it’s designed to be slim and lightweight. Many armbands are bulky, awkward, and add unnecessary weight to your arm — this one doesn’t. Even with its low profile, it still offers ample protection for your smartphone.

The Universal Armband Phone Holder still has all of the features that you would expect out of an armband — cable routing and a pocket for any goods that you want to take with you, such as credit cards, cash, car keys, extra headphones, and more.

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As you can see, you have a lot of excellent choices as far as an armband phone holder for the Galaxy S10 goes. Any one of these phone holders will provide your new device with a shock-proof cushion that will stay secure on your arm. And if for some freak reason that the armband falls off, that shock-proof cushion keeps your Galaxy S10 100% intact.

Do you have a favorite armband phone holder for the Galaxy S10? Sound off in the comments section below — we’d love to hear from you!



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