Drawing and sketching is something that a large number of mobile users love doing. Sketches or art something isn’t limited to just the experts and professionals. We all have a bit of creativity in us and it can help to sometimes just relieve the stress and sketch something on your phone. Thanks to the advancement in technology, customers don’t need a pencil and a paper to sketch whenever they feel like. There are dedicated apps out there meant to help you sketch on your Android device. So if you suddenly feel the need to draw something on your phone, all you need to do is take out your phone and get to work.

There are comprehensive tools and settings available on these apps, allowing you to get the kind of angles that you need. Naturally, not all sketch apps will come free, so you might have to make an investment if you’re serious about this. But some of these apps are in fact free, so be sure to have a closer look at them all. Some of these apps can also be used by kids, making it a perfect fit for people of all ages.


This is a comprehensive sketching app with the ability to get the sketches you desire. It comes with a handy set of features, something that we don’t often find on sketching apps. There are ten different brushes that you can choose from, so you will have the ability to customize your sketches the way you desire. The app can let you draw lifelike sketches, with a bunch of paints to pick from. If you’re looking for a few casual sketches and mockups, this app is meant for you. The app has been around for quite some time now, so the developers know exactly what the customers want.

The app gives you the ability to zoom by 2500%, giving you granular control over your sketches and the ability to edit even the smallest detail. The free app comes with these features, but the pro version doubles up on the amount of features offered. You will get some 100 other brush types, plus a handful of other features. If you’re looking to use this professionally, we highly recommend getting the pro version. The app is free to download, but you will have to make an in-app purchase to unlock the pro features. SketchBook is compatible with devices running Android 4.0.3 and up.


This particular app comes from Sony, which means it will have a bunch of neat features on board. The app has been installed nearly 100 million times, which makes it a must have for anyone who wants to do some casual drawings or sketches. Naturally, the app comes with a bunch of tools to make sketching easier. You will be able to select from a wide range of brushes with this app, making it a must have for anyone who likes getting creative. Much like the app we talked about earlier, this one comes with the ability to zoom into your paintings or sketches.

You can enhance your sketches by adding attractive stickers from Sony’s vast library. There are several customization options here, making this a fairly handy sketching app to have. The app is free to download, although it comes with in-app purchases. The trend with sketch apps is that most features are offered for free, but you will need to make an investment to unlock pro level settings and tools. In any case, be sure to have a brief look at Sketch from the Google Play Store.

Draw Something Classic

This is a unique take on drawing apps as it’s not merely an app, but a game as well. Draw Something comes with an intuitive user interface, allowing users to have some fun with their sketches and drawings. We won’t blame you if this game gets addictive very fast. It’s designed for people of all age groups, although I feel kids will have a particularly good time with the app. There are Daily Challenges that you can compete in to enhance your skill further. Overall, this is a very good app and comes highly recommended for anyone who likes a bit of casual drawing and sketching on their mobile devices.

The app is apparently the “world’s most popular drawing game”, and we can see why. The interface is easy to use, there are several game modes to choose from, and the game is completely free to download. However, you might need to make an in-app purchase for continuity, which is something to keep in mind if you get hooked to games easily. The game comes from developer group Zynga, who are known for their incredibly addictive mobile and web games. The app will work with devices running Android 4.1 and higher.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

This one’s strictly for the professionals, as it comes from industry juggernauts Adobe. The company used to make PC software in the past, and has made a name for itself as one of the biggest photo editing software companies in the market. Illustrator Draw is less complex than other apps like Lightroom, Photoshop etc. The app has won the Tabby Award for Creation, Design and Editing, so you know it’s been developed with a lot of thought. The app is immensely popular in the marketplace with nearly 5 million downloads already. You will require an smartphone or tablet with Android 4.3 to use this particular app. The app is free to download, but you can opt to purchase the company’s Creative Cloud subscription for better syncing across devices. This is worth considering if you have multiple devices.

Kids Doodle

This is a basic doodling app, and lets you scribble and create some nice little sketches. You will find that the user interface is easy to understand and doesn’t require a lot of skill. Since it’s designed with kids in mind, this aspect is key here. You won’t get any shiny features that you saw with the other apps on the list, so it would be unfair to compare this particular app with the others on the list. We have ensured that we picked five of the best coloring and sketching apps on this list, with focus on every aspect of the user experience.

It offers 24 brushes and the addition of bright colors, making it a thoroughly enjoyable app for kids and adults alike. The app is free to download although there are some ads.



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