Working from home might be the main advice for many at present and it’s already the way of the future for lots of us. But, if you’re going to be taking the plunge and working remotely then there are definitely pros and cons. Of course, there are certainly plenty of pros when it comes to working remotely and one of the main things is that you immediately do away with your daily commute. That’s a win right there.

It might be that you only have a five or ten-minute walk to work, but that adds up over time. If, on the other hand, you commute an hour or two a day, either in the car or on the train that’s an instant saving of an awful lot of time. And a lot of money too. The first challenge is therefore to optimize that extra time (while saving the spare travel cash for a rainy day perhaps), either by turning yourself into someone who’s much more productive and thereby gaining kudos with your employer, or getting a better work/life balance. Ideally, you’ll end up doing both.

1. Smarter working



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