As we do every week, we present our favorites new apps. With a little luck, you’ll find a rare gem that you’ll want to install on your smartphone or tablet, and our writers and community have created this list to help you discover apps and games that we hope will convince you.

Tactic Master

Suggested by one of our community members, Tactic Master is, as its name suggests, a tactical game where you must fight a battle of cards in real-time, in solo mode. If the graphics are not exactly the best, it remains a pleasant strategy game to play. Tactic Master is currently selected by Google in the Indie Dev section of the Google Play Store and not to spoil anything, it is free to download.

You can download this game from the Play Store.

Empire: Age of Knights

Empire: Age of Knights is not what we would call a truly innovative game. There are indeed many similar ones on the Play Store. However, Empire: Age of Knights has the merit of having a friendly atmosphere thanks to the duality of humans/orcs. The gameplay is simple. The graphics are very pretty, the customization of the castle is nice, the difficulty is not so high and you don’t have to pay to progress. Anyway, Empire: Age of Knights is very addictive!

You can download this game from the Play Store.

Duet Display

Developed by a team of former Apple engineers, Duet Display transforms your smartphone, tablet or Chromebook into an additional display fora Mac or PC. The application does its job very well once you understand that cable and Wi-Fi connection is necessary (but sharing Wi-Fi with a smartphone is possible). The tactile latency is very good and the refresh rate is good. In the end, only its price (more than ten bucks) will cool some of the enthusiasm.

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You can download this application from the Play Store.


Bundled is an application that wants to help you with a more intuitive organization of writing and note-taking using tags and colored labels to find your way around task lists and reminders. The application is currently available for early access and may, therefore, be unstable on some devices. However, its designer is quite responsive and often makes improvements.

androidpit bundled
The interface may surprise you, but once you get used to Bundled, it’s very convenient / © Bundled

You can download this application from the Play Store.

ALOL: A Life of Logic

ALOL: A life a Logic is a new puzzle game that is very fun to play. The objective is to fill a table with 0s and 1s while satisfying three simple rules: there are not three identical numbers next to each other, each row and column must have the same number of 0s and 1s and there are no identical rows or columns. Available in several languages, the game allows you to grow your character as you progress.

You can download this game from the Play Store.

Have you seen any other new applications this week?



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