Another week is behind us and it’s been a busy January in the mobile industry. As always, we bring you our list of the best five apps and games worth taking a closer look at this week. We pull this list together with the help of suggestions from our community, so thanks to everyone who submitted an app.

Microsoft Launcher Preview (Early Access)

There’s an obvious place to start this week, but it’s worth covering all the same. This week Microsoft entered the public preview stage of version 6.0 of its popular launcher. Several key areas of the Android launcher have been rewritten, including the user interface. New features have also been added, such as revamped dark and light modes and an upgraded memory management system. Unusually for a beta version, Microsft has listed the launcher preview as its own entry in the Google Play Store.

Is the new landscape mode our first look at the launcher for the Surafe Duo, perhaps? / © Microsoft

You can download this app from the Play Store by following this link.

GitHub (Early Access)

It was last year that Microsft announced both iOS and Android apps for GitHub, and now you can download an early version of the app directly from the Google Play Store. Microsoft acquired GitHub in 2018, and the development platform is used today by all types of users, from open-source to big business.  Around 40 million developers are using GitHub worldwide, and if you are one of them, you can now do so via the Android app.

github app play store
GitHub is finally available as an Android app. / © GitHub

You can download this app from the Play Store by following this link.

Mobile Carbonalyser

This is a bit of a strange one, but bear with me. Mobile Carbonalyser allows you to view the power consumption related to the use of your smartphone. This consumption is essentially based on the amount of data pinged back and forth as you use apps on your phone. From this electricity consumption, it is possible to estimate the greenhouse gas impact in grams of CO2, in an equivalent number of recharged mobiles and in km equivalent of a car. It allows you to pay more attention to your consumption, and that’s always a good thing.

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mobile carbonalyser app play store
Mobile Carbonalyser is an app that lets you see your consumption. / © Orange Services SRL

You can download this app from the Play Store by following this link.

Piano Academy

Piano Academy is an app that has been designed for anyone who has dreamed of learning piano but did not really know where to begin. Like some apps on the Play Store that allow you to play virtual keys, Paino Academy can be downloaded and played without the need for a real keyboard or piano. However, the beauty of this app is that also supports MIDI connection, and it can even detect the notes you play if you have an acoustic piano. If your new year’s resolution is to finally learn to play the piano, this could be the app for you this week.

You can download this app from the Play Store by following this link.

The White Door

This highly-anticipated new game comes courtesy of the creators of the Cube Escape & Rusty Lake series. In the game, you take control of Robert Hill, who has just woken up in a Mental Health facility and is suffering from severe memory loss. You will have to follow the facility’s strict daily routine, explore his dreams and help him recall his memories. The White Door is a must-play for fans of point-and-click adventure games.

You can download this app from the Play Store by following this link.

Do you know of any other applications that are worth a look this week? Share them with your fellow readers below the line.



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