Saturday, September 18, 2021
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5 On-page SEO Techniques that can harm your Website Ranking

Let’s suppose finally have a great website and you’re building your business and then boom,

your site loses in search result rankings or worse, dropped from the search engine index altogether.

Evade black hat and unethical formulas and make sure your marketing team only uses acceptable practices as well.

But if you are curious, what the most common SEO practices used to manipulate Google today are just keep on reading, I am going to disclose them within this article!

But you should use these points as a guide to staying away from the danger zone.

1. Private Blog Networks

Don’t fall in love with the strategies that offer fast but short-term results. Private Blog Networks are a good form of what to stay away from. You may have known about private blog networks (PBNs) before, but you may not be sure what (PBNs) they are or why they are used. A PBN is a network of websites used for building links to a single website for the motive of manipulating search engine rankings.

This formula is similar example to a link wheel or link pyramid, as it includes many different websites all linking to one another or to one central website. While these types of actions were used several years ago, PBNs have now considered pure black hat tactics should stay away at all costs, as they can lead to a loss in website rankings or even a manual penalty.

PBNs usually provide fast gains but no long-term value to the websites they are linking to.

As Google gets smarter and develops better technology to fight link spam techniques, it has become harder and harder for spammers to pull off a PBN successfully.

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2. Buying links is a big no

Never ever just go for paid links. Google punish your site for having paid or bad links. We are not referring to sponsored or ad content here but massive link buying just for the sake of backlinks. That’s where penalties happen.

Whether purchased links can harm your rankings has been an ongoing question in the world of SEO for years, regarding links from bad neighbourhoods on the website, or purchased links from those link farms. For a long time, Google assured us that, bad links from neighborhoods or links from paid directories actively hurt your site rankings and they just won’t help it in any way.

During that same time, many SEO researchers conducted tests that seemed to result that yes, having paid links, or specific types of paid links, or too many paid links as compared to non-paid links, canlow your site in Google’s rankings.

3. Stuffing keywords is so passé

By definition, keyword stuffing is a practice of overusing the same keywords throughout one page in order to artificially increase its visibility and organic traffic. Content stuffed with keywords doesn’t look natural and because of this, it’s not SEO friendly. Keyword stuffing in content is called as spamdexing.

Content Writing for google in this age and day means writing content for human beings. The search engines are smarter than you think. Don’t just add keywords for ranking for on a page and call it good SEO. Write good content and call it great. Before you publish it, check keyword density on Prepostseo to avoid keyword stuffing.

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4. Clickbait

Nowadays, many websites are consuming clickbait titles to achieve more clicks and drive more traffic to their sites with the hope of increment of their site rankings (That’s exactly what clickbait is!). Clickbait titles and thumbnails make the visitor curious and make them convince to click on it.

However, when the visitor finds the title to be not at all relevant to the provided information on the site, they escape from the page immediately. Therefore, it reduces the session duration rate and increases the bounce rate – both of which can harm your site’s ranking.

5. No mass automated submissions

You should only create content that your visitors will want and then publish that content on good and reputable websites.

No mass article marketing, no mass blog or forum comments, no mass directory listing submissions all there the reasons for harmful for your website rankings.

6. Fake social media shares or followers

Imagine all like this, if you get paid social media followers (not ads on the social networks to gain organic followers but from sites that offer 1,000 followers for $5) then when you want to show an ad to your followers or lookalike audience, you are showing to the wrong crowd and there is no benefit of it. Build your own network organically so you are marketing to the right people.

Take the rights ways to get the best results from your marketing campaign and don’t throw your money at short-term fixes. Use Prepostseo social media counter to count original shares of shared posts.

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