Apple’s released a new version of iOS 12 for the iPhone and the iOS 12.3.2 update brings a crucial bug fix to the iPhone 8 Plus.

The company’s iOS updates typically go through a beta testing period, but the company decided this fix couldn’t wait for the upcoming iOS 12.4 update.

Like iOS 12.3.1, iOS 12.3.2 is a maintenance release which means it’s focused on fixing problems. It doesn’t bring any new features with it.

Unlike, iOS 12.3.1, the iOS 12.3.2 update is limited to the iPhone 8 Plus. It’s not available for other iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch models.

If you’re currently running iOS 12.3.1, iOS 12.3.2 is tiny and comes with a small set of changes. If you’re running an older version of iOS, your iPhone 8 Plus iOS 12.3.2 update will be larger because you’ll get the features and fixes from the iOS updates you skipped.

With all of that in mind, we want to take you through everything there is to know about the latest version iOS 12.

In this guide we’ll take you through iOS 12.3.2’s known changes, iOS 12.3.2 problems, places to look for feedback about the software, our impressions of its performance, and more.

iOS 12.3.2 Review

iOS 12.3.2 requires a small download.

If you’re upgrading your iPhone 8 Plus from iOS 12.3.1, your download should only be a few megabytes.

If your device is running an older version of iOS 12, you’re going to see a larger download size because, again, the features and fixes from the updates you skipped are baked into your iOS 12.3.2 update.

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If you’re currently running iOS 12.3.1, installing the iOS 12.3.2 update should take less than 10 minutes.

For more on the iOS 12.3.2 download and installation, take a look at our guide.

We’ve been using the iOS 12.3.2 update for a short time and here’s what we’ve found thus far:


  • Battery life is stable right now.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity is stable and fast.
  • Bluetooth is working normally.
  • GPS and cellular data are currently stable.


  • Third-party apps including Netflix, Dark Sky, Twitter, Slack, Asana, Gmail, Chrome, and Spotify are all working normally.
  • First party apps like Safari, Podcasts, and Calendar are working fine.


  • iOS 12.3.2 feels as fast as iOS 12.3.1. iOS 12.3 and iOS 12.3.1 were fast on all of our devices.

If you’re dealing with bugs or performance issues on iOS 12.3.1 or another version of iOS 12, you’ll probably want to install iOS 12.3.2 right away.

If you need help making a decision, check out our reasons to, and not to, install the iOS 12.3.2 update on your iPhone 8 Plus.

We’re in the process of publishing our iOS 12.3.2 reviews for the iPhone 8 so check that page for additional feedback if you need it.

If you’re having a great experience on iOS 12.3.1 or an older version of iOS 12, make sure you dig into additional feedback before jumping up to iOS 12.3.2.

iOS 12.3.2 Problems

iPhone 8 Plus users are reporting bugs and performance issues.

The current list of iOS 12.3.2 problems includes download and installation issues, connectivity issues, data issues, issues with Exchange, abnormal battery drain, random reboots, crashes, UI lag, and issues with first and third-party apps.

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If you run into an issue while running iOS 12.3.2 have a look at our list of fixes for the most common iOS 12 problems. We’ve also released tips to improve iOS 12 performance and tips to improve iOS 12 battery life.

If you can’t stand iOS 12.3.2’s performance on your phone, you can try downgrading to an older version of iOS 12.

Apple is signing on iOS 12.3 and iOS 12.3.1 which means you use a loophole to downgrade to one of those versions. If iOS 12.3 or iOS 12.3.1 was running well on your device, this is an option to consider.

You can’t downgrade to anything older than iOS 12.3.

iOS 12.3.2 Update: What’s New

The iOS 12.3.2 update is a tiny maintenance release and it carries a single bug fix for the iPhone 8 Plus. Here’s the update’s full change log:

  • iOS 12.3.2 resolves an issue that could cause Camera to capture Portrait mode photos without depth effect on some iPhone 8 Plus devices.

We’ll let you know if we find additional changes. iOS 12.3.2 doesn’t bring any new security patches.

iOS 12.3.2 Jailbreak

You can’t jailbreak iOS 12.3.2 right now.

If you’re running iOS 12 and want to jailbreak your iPhone 8 Plus you can do so using the Chimera tool. Unfortunately, it’s only compatible with devices running iOS 12.0-iOS 12.1.2.The Chimera jailbreak tool is a semi-tethered jailbreak.

You can also use the unc0ver jailbreak tool.

There’s no way to downgrade to any of these versions of iOS 12. So if you’re running iOS 12.3.2, iOS 12.3.1, iOS 12.3, iOS 12.2, iOS 12.1.4, or iOS 12.1.3 you’ll have to wait for jailbreak developers to release a new version.

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What’s Next

The next version of iOS 12 for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will most likely be iOS 12.4.

Apple’s confirmed iOS 12.4 and the upgrade is in beta testing ahead of a release later this year. We expect the software to launch sometime this summer alongside the company’s new credit card.

iOS 12.4 is a milestone update which means it will carry a mix of bug fixes, security patches, enhancements, and features.

If you’re struggling on iOS 12.3.2 or simply want to give iOS 12.4 a try before its official release date, you can do so via the iOS 12.4 beta.

You can also try the iOS 13 beta.

Apple’s confirmed a new operating system for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus and the first betas are available for developers right now. The public iOS 13 beta is are coming in July.

iOS 13 comes with performance improvements and a slew of new features including Dark Mode, a swipe keyboard, and much, much more.

For more on iOS 13, take a look at our walkthrough.



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