Apple finally releases an official data on its percentage of use of iOS 14 on iPhone devices. Turns out, it’s their most popular mobile operating system.

We can be devoted users of Android or the iPhone and defend our tastes from there. But the truth and undeniable is that Manzana has done its job well by updating its mobile operating system ios on as many of your devices as possible.

For some users of the platform Google it may sound like something unusual. But it is actually quite common for a considerable number of iPhone users to make the leap to their latest software.

This was our general impression in the case of iOS 14. But in itself we had no idea about the extent of its popularity, until now.

8 out of 10 iPhones have iOS 14

In a very discreet way, the guys from Apple updated their technical support page where they have just made their numbers of users of their mobile operating system public. Revealing a couple of important figures:

80% of active iPhones today run under iOS 14.
86% of devices released in the last 4 years are on that version of the software.

Taking as a starting point the first figure, which refers to all active Apple smartphones, 12% of the phones run under iOS 13 and only 8% are under an older version.

These figures are actually admirable, since the vast majority of its user base would then have the most stable and recent version of its mobile operating system.

They are numbers that Android would hardly achieve. By the nature of its distribution of layers and manufacturers



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