The air fryer oven may not be the new kid on the block anymore, but it sure seems to have picked up steam over the past year with all of us cooking from home more often. I’ve had a smattering of friends tell me they picked up an air fryer in just the last few months and all of them are glad they did. The big draw is that you can make moist chicken and fish as well as snackier foods like fries, cauliflower wings, “fried” veggies and jalapeno poppers without any — or very little — oil. 

The best part is they aren’t terribly expensive but rarely do they go this low: Right now, a well-rated 2-quart Bella digital air fryer is on sale for just $20 at Best Buy. That’s less than most takeout orders for one and as low as your bound to see a digital air fryer go.

The Bella Pro air fryer scores very high marks in over 220 buyer reviews and is down more than 50% for today only. A 2-quart model may be on the small side if you’re regularly cooking for a family or big groups. But for a single person or couple, this is plenty of air frying capacity and can be stored easily when you’re not using it. 

Note that this model isn’t eligible for free shipping through Best Buy, but if you manage to get your cart over $35 you’ll qualify. (You can also opt for free in-store pickup.)



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