Staying inside during the coronavirus pandemic isn’t easy for most of us. As important as it is to keep away from others, it can be challenging to keep to ourselves day after day. That’s why mobile game developers are stepping in to help; many are making their games free for a limited time, to provide some much-needed fun during scary times.

So far, it has been quite a rolling process. As such, not all of the games will be free at the same time, and not all games will return to their original prices at the same time, either. We’re sure we’ll see new games pop up as developers follow one another, so make sure to check back for all the latest free titles.

  • Alto’s Adventure: Developer Snowman is giving away its highly rated endless snowboarding odyssey until March 24. — Android | iOS
  • Alto’s Odyssey: Developer Snowman is also giving away the sequel to Alto’s Adventure, which came out two years ago, until March 24. — Android | iOS
  • IMPOSSIBLE ROAD: WONDERFUL LASERS has made its endless runner free “for a week or two.” — iOS
  • JackQuest: Crescent Moon Games is giving away its dungeon adventure hit for free “for a bit.” — Android | iOS
  • Kingdom Rush Frontiers: Ironhide Game Studio is offering its strategy hit for free until March 22. — Android | iOS
  • Kingdom Rush Origins: Similarly, Ironhide Game Studio is offering the predecessor to Frontiers for free until March 22. — Android | iOS
  • Mini Metro: Dinosaur Polo Club is making its famous subway-creation game for free until March 25. — iOS
  • Orbital: Bitforge Ltd is giving away its award-winning physics puzzler for free until March 25. — iOS
  • Prune: Grow, cultivate, and protect your trees for free, thanks to developer Joel McDonald, until March 25. — iOS
  • Vikings: an Archer’s Journey: Pinpin Team is letting you become a Viking archer for free until March 25. — Android | iOS
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