Monday, June 27, 2022
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Adiós, Lighting port: USB-C standardization demanded by US senators


  • US lawmakers urged the Department of Commerce to make a standard port
  • The letter proposes to embrace the same USB-C standardization already implemented by the EU
  • Apple could be forced to ultimately abandon their Lightning port

The new letter of senators Edward Markey and Elizabeth Warren proposes that the USA should also embrace the same standardization policy that the EU will be implementing within the next two years. It emphasizes that the Department of Commerce should coordinate with concerned agencies in drafting the universal strategy.

There are several reasons why the need for USB-C standardization should also be passed on the stateside. One of the logical reasons mentioned by the lawmakers is to reduce the electronic waste produced by excess accessories such as cables and chargers. In addition, it will also get rid of needless spendings every time a user buys a new phone, ultimately benefiting consumers.

Apple will likely abandon Lightning port in favor of USB-C for iPhone

Yes, it is unlikely that we will see a notable bill regarding the proposed unification of ports into one. However, the Cupertino giant, being a major manufacturer that still uses a proprietary port, could ultimately abandon their Lightning port in favor of USB-C.

Moreover, the suggestions of the two senators could also make Apple hasten the adoption of USB-C on its entire device lineup. Which, in fact, is possibly already happening, with Apple allegedly pushing out the entry-level iPad 2022 models with USB-C and 5G connectivity.

Do you agree that Apple should completely omit the Lighting port on its iPhones and other devices? Let us know your thoughts.


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