Saturday, July 24, 2021

Advertising Feature | Video: the new BMW M3 and M4 on-track

Equally, both cars share advanced M Adaptive suspension, carefully tuned to deliver similar interpretations of BMW’s distinctive M character: precise, grippy, confidence-inspiring handling that feels thrilling on any road, but that really comes alive on-track.

A sonorous straight-six soliloquy

After a few warm-up laps, Paul and Colin are suitably impressed by their first taste of BMW’s new M models. “The power from the straight-six is so impressive,” says Colin as he emerges from the BMW M3 Competition. “Equally, it’s so light, responsive and grippy, it feels glued to the road. Even for someone used to the performance of a race car, the BMW M3 has everything. I couldn’t imagine needing to go any faster.”

Paul, who has been warming up the BMW M4 Competition’s tyres with a succession of smoky drifts, describes another BMW M sensation that is essential to its DNA. 

“It’s the noise of that straight-six that does it for me,” Paul admits. “When the engine is on-song, and when you’ve got the tail out, there aren’t many other cars that you can drift on such big angles, with big throttle and that six-cylinder note. When you’ve got that, you absolutely know you’re in a BMW M car.”


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