In the lead up to the election, discussion focused quite squarely on a couple of topics – the NHS, national security, and, of course, Brexit. These are all important topics that have understandably pre-occupied the nation. But in my opinion, there’s another important topic that has been sidelined, and now that the victor has been decided it’s time for us to shift our attention towards it.

Artificial Intelligence will have a role to play in helping the government deliver on its manifesto. The Conservative Party has made promises to strengthen Britain’s digital skills through the National Skills Fund, and by opening a further eight Institutes of technology. AI will no doubt feature heavily in both programs, in the hope of preparing Britain’s workforce for the digital skills economy of the future. But will it be enough to help us take the leading role in AI we deserve? 

About the author

Toby Goldblatt is the Executive of AI and Data at Avanade.



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