Monday, June 27, 2022

Air Suspension System Sales Spur On Account of Growing Load Transportation

Analysts at Future
Market Insights study the key influencers shaping air suspension system

Although air suspension systems has been around for long,
the technological improvements together with the increasing penetration of
automobiles have led to increased adoption of air suspension technology. As air
suspension system increasing the capacity of vehicles for transporting loads by
levelling suspension, they are increasingly incorporated in automobiles. In
addition, an air suspension system offers minimal vibration and noise benefits,
making it a must-have system. Furthermore, the air suspension system has
significant advantages over the traditionally used leaf spring or coil spring
suspensions, such as a smoother ride and height adjustments.

Which vehicle type creates
maximum demand for air suspension system?

A. As the use of an air suspension system boosts the
capabilities of carrying the load, the air
suspension system market
has witnessed predominant deployment of these
systems in heavy-duty trucks.  Heavy-duty
truck drivers have stated that the air suspension system enables driver
comfort, load versatility, and improved comfort. New product innovations
targeting the lucrative demand for the air suspension system for its deployment
in light and heavy trucks is witnessed in the market. For instance, an off-road
and overland vehicle part supplier, American Expedition Vehicles (AEV)
introduced an air suspension system for truck that offers ride-height

What future
innovations can we expect in air suspension system landscape?

The burgeoning growth of the automotive sector is expected
to trigger several innovations in the air suspension system market. Air
suspension systems designed for passenger cars could further create new
possibilities for the air suspension system that is designed for buses,
trailers, and trucks. For instance, the new electric buses introduced in
Hyderabad, India are integrated with an electronically controlled air suspension
system that enables comfortable traveling.

Remaining compliant with the government requirements while
using trucks and trailers for transporting loads is a crucial aspect. The governments
of different countries imply regulations pertaining to the amount of load that trucks
and trailers could carry, owing to which several innovations are witnessed in
the market. Keeping the consumer preference in mind, the Ensol, a leading
manufacturer of transport solutions, introduced a trailer equipped with an air
suspension system, in light of the axle load norms announced by the Indian
government that stated that all trucks and trailers equipped with air
suspension system would be allowed to carry one ton extra per axle of load.

Air suspension system
versus leaf spring suspension. Which will garner more consumer confidence?

Although the air suspension system is widely used as an
alternative for the leaf spring suspension, there are a few benefits offered by
leaf spring as a vehicle suspension which could potentially hinder the application
of an air suspension system over time. The air suspension system weighs
relatively more and reflects more maintenance costs, which could act as a
restraining factor for the air suspension system market growth.

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