Saturday, May 21, 2022

Alaska Airlines is offering first-class flyers VR movies

Alaska Airlines wants to offer its first-class flyers a unique form of in-flight entertainment: movies, in virtual reality.

Alaska Airlines announced it will now carry the SkyLight’s Allosky VR headset, as part of a pilot program on its Seattle-Boston and Boston-San Diego routes. It aims to offer passengers immersive 3D and 360-degree films, though they can always watch in 2D if they’re prone to flight sickness and don’t want to vomit. Some of the films include Ready Player One and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

The Snapdragon-powered headset features Full HD resolution per eye. It can play content from Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Hulu, though we’re not sure if the in-flight version will let passengers log in to their streaming subscription. It seems like the headset will come preloaded with a handful of films, and even forward-facing 360-degree videos, with categories ranging from acrobatics to free diving.

SkyLight’s website shows it has partnerships with 20th Century Fox, DreamWorks, Warner Brothers, Lionsgate, National Geographic, BBC, and Baobab, and claims to have a catalogue of “early window blockbusters, world-class series, and documentaries”.

Alaska Airlines, which purchased Virgin America in 2017, will be the first to offer Skylights’ Allosky headset in North America, though, keep in mind, European carriers Air France, Joon, Corsair and Jetfly are also testing the Allosky headset. 


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