Saturday, September 25, 2021

All-Electric Aircraft Completes Its First 150-Mile Flight – Review Geek

Joby Aviation's electric air taxi.
Joby Aviation

Joby Aviation hopes to be the first certified eVTOL airline with its small, electric air taxis. To prove their usability, Joby sent one of its eVTOL units on a 150-mile flight, making it the first all-electric aircraft to achieve such a feat.

Like helicopters or drones, eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) craft can enter the sky without going down a runway. They can also hover in midair and fly in any direction on a dime—aspects that make them an interesting option for short-distance flights. Some companies hope to use eVTOL for sports, but Joby is laser-focused on the airline industry.

Because eVTOL units don’t require fuel, they’re a lot more environmentally friendly than traditional planes. And while electric aircraft aren’t ready for cross-country flights, Joby has proven that its air taxis could fly from Los Angeles to San Diego on a single charge—perhaps they could replace private jets?

Of course, Joby didn’t fly its aircraft across California for this test. It instead sent an air taxi to fly around in a big circle until it passed the 150-mile mark. Longer trips will require bigger batteries, especially if Joby wants to fit more than 5 people on its air taxi.

Source: Joby Aviation via The Verge


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