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All these incredible images were made by an artificial intellig

(Pocket-lint) – We’ve seen a few different image systems which use artificial intelligence to generate images purely based on user suggestions. Some of these are much better than others.

Google’s Imagen tool, for example, is so good that the company isn’t letting the public access it because it might be misused. DALL-E 2 is one of the other most impressive examples of this AI being applied to images. 

This is a research project that’s using AI to create original images based just on a text description input by a user. The AI is able to create different art in varying styles and with mind-blowing detail. It can even edit images to add other objects while taking into account pre-existing shadows, reflections and more. 

The results are insane, so we’ve collected a load to show off some of the best examples. If you want to see more, be sure to follow @openaidalle on Instagram and @OpenAI on Twitter

This dog doesn’t exist

We find these sorts of images to be both particularly impressive and insane too. This image of a dog isn’t a photo that a person took of their four-legged friend, it is instead an image made by AI. 

This is the result of a simple request for:

“Portrait of a basset hound, 8k, photograph”

A tasty BLT

Here’s another image where Dall-e 2 was asked to create a photo. This time an Instagram-worthy shot of a delicious-looking bacon sandwich, that’s apparently partly deconstructed. 

A ship in a bottle

We’re impressed by the level of fine detail Dall-e 2 can pull off. Not only is this a convincing tiny ship, but the realism is backed up by the realistic lighting and bokeh effects. 

“Diorama of a ship in a bottle, detailed, bokeh” 

An interdimensional quantum film camera

What if we could use artificial intelligence to create new technology. Imagine you could just pop in some words to get an idea of what new gadgetry might look like before you even tried to build it. 

A floating chair

When creating images Dall-e 2 also has to take into account the surroundings. Reflections, shadows and other parts of the image are also crafted to ensure the end result meets the criteria. A floating chair needs a shadow. 

Leonardo enters the metaverse

Old meets new with an image of what looks like an ancient oil painting of one of our ancestors wearing a VR headset and going into the Metaverse. 

OpenAIAll these incredible images were made by artificial intelligence photo 5

Digital creatures

Dall-e 2 is capable of creating all sorts of impressive images. Including astounding digital artwork of curious creatures. 

“A butterfly perched on the snout of a sleeping dragon, digital art”

Relaxed space man

Not all the images created are photorealistic. Some are simple images crafted in a specific style. 

Here the request was for an image of an astronaut, lounging in a tropical resort in space in a vaporware style. 

We like the idea of AI getting creative and making artwork that could easily pass as being crafted by a real person. 

Basketballs in space

In another vision, our astronaut friend is now having a spot of relaxing sport.

Here the AI was tasked with creating an image of an astronaut playing basketball with casts in space but in the style of a children’s book illustration. 

Teddy bears working on AI

The impressive thing about these AI-powered image systems is the way they can take multiple commands and craft them into a single image. 

These teddy bears aren’t on a picnic but instead are doing underwater research on one 1990s tech. 

An Egyptian using a computer

We’ve all seen the incredible drawings and glyphs of ancient Egyptians but how surprised would you be to see this? 

“An ancient Egyptian mural of an Egyptian animal god using a computer”

A dog on a skateboard

If you look too closely at some of these images then you’ll see some minor issues. However, equally some of the AI-generated images could equally be taken on a shakey smartphone. 

This image of a skateboarding dog could also just have been posted on Instagram with a nifty filter applied. 

“A skateboarding dog at night, Voigtlander Nokton 10.5mm f/0.95”

A Megalodon takes a phone call

Dall-e 2 certainly has some artistic flair and is able to create some great cartoon works. These are enjoyable and quirky. 

“Portrait of a megalodon talking on the phone, comic book style”

A tasty treat

You could assume that Dall-e 2 had an easy task here. It’s likely the AI had a lot of cookie photos to learn from. But it’s still incredible to think that this was created just from a request and not from a single photo snapped by a photographer. 

A Polaroid picture

Some of these images look like filters applied on social media. Here the request was for a Polaroid photo and that in itself adds to the believability. 

“A Polaroid of a bird looking at the camera lens”

A monster bowl of soup

One of the less delicious food images that Dall-e 2 has created. This one shows “a bowl of soup that looks like a monster, knitted out of wool”.  We were told never to play with our food but this food looks like it would play with you. 

Puppy clouds

What a cute puppy. A little fluffy dog melded with the clouds crafted by artificial intelligence. Another artwork that could easily be passed off as being made by a real person. 

A muddy dog

With all the photos that everyone posts online of their dogs it’s no wonder that AI can create realistic images like this when asked to. 

Furry friends

Neither this dog nor cat is real, and neither is their love for one another. The fact that you can input specifics like animal breeds and actions and still get great results is amazing. 

A tree with roots

This one looks like one of the cheesy stock images you’ll see when searching for images about growing a business. Only the AI has made it more raw with the roots growing into the person’s hand. 

Hip-hop cow

This time Dalle-2 was asked to create a photo of a cow who also happened to be a hip-hop star creating a hit single in the studio. This cow is one cool dude. 

Arabian Knight Lego

We like this image because it’s not just convincing Lego, but it’s also got a slight 3D look to it. Like you could pop on some 3D glasses and it would come to life. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.


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