Those with a Prime membership will soon be able to designate an Amazon Day. According to CNET, the pilot program lets shoppers pick a day of the week they want all their Amazon purchases to be delivered. Customers can add items to their cart throughout the week and everything will come together on the same day. In addition to the environment benefits of using less packaging, it also saves Amazon shipping costs.

Ahead of tomorrow’s midterm election, Twitter says 10,000 accounts have been deleted that were discouraging people to vote. Reuters reports that the accounts all wrongly appeared to be coming from democrats. All the flagged accounts were removed in late September or early October. Twitter deleted millions of account after the 2016 election that all appeared to be spreading misinformation, says Cheddar.

A new report finds the battery life of the newest smartphones is getting worse. A test conducted by the Washington Post finds overall phones released this year are underperformed as compared to last year’s model. The iPhone X dropped 21 minutes, and the Google Pixel down an hour and a half. The cause is bigger, brighter retina screens that take more power to operate. 



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