(Pocket-lint) – Amazon launched a version of the Echo Wall Clock with a kid-friendly Disney theme in the US a couple years ago, and now, it’s come to the UK.

Called the Echo Wall Clock Disney Mickey Mouse Edition, it’s basically the same connected clock as before – but it has a large, smiling Mickey Mouse whose arms swivel around the clockface to point out the hours and minutes. Other than that, it appears to be very similar to the original version, complete with a 60 LED ring that not only shows you the time but also lights up for timers.

Both versions of the Echo Wall Clock don’t have any speakers, cameras, or microphones. Because they’re so pared-down, they’re probably the ‘dumbest’ smart home gadget you could own. But, for $30 to $50, you’re not breaking the bank, and you’re getting something that alleviates the tediousness of constantly setting timers every day. We loved the original model in our review.

While the new version is not exactly our cup of tea, we think children might love a Mickey clock for their rooms. Perhaps even some Disney adults would want to pick this thing up as a gift for themselves or a loved one this holiday season. Apple, after all, offers a Mickey Mouse watchface that some people love. The only issue is that it costs £49.99, a whopping £20 more than the original.


Writing by Maggie Tillman.



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