Monday, August 15, 2022
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Amazon’s back-to-school deals: Bose earbuds, Dell monitors, laptops, & more

We’re in August now. It is time to face the truth… summer is more over than not. Whether your new semester starts at the end of the month or after Labor Day, the time is fast approaching. You need to start thinking about all the stuff you’re going to need in the new semester. You already know you’re going to spend a fortune on textbooks and such, so why not save some money today on items you know you’re going to want anyway?

Amazon has got your back with that thanks to a Back-to-School sale that includes hundreds of items from basic stationary supplies like pens and paper to big tech items like laptops and headphones. You choose the landing page you need, too, whether you’re shopping for someone heading off to middle school (opens in new tab) for the first time or you’re trying to deck out your dorm room (opens in new tab) when you get back to college.


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