Saturday, October 23, 2021
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Amazon’s new fitness tracker take 3D scan of your whole body

Amazon is now getting involved in the fitness tracker hardware market. To our surprise, the company introduced the new fitness bracelet called “Halo” yesterday. The wearable collects all kinds of data about you. It can determine your current mood, measured by the pitch of the voice. Using an app, Halo can also create a 3D model of your entire body from a series of photographs.

Amazon is entering the fitness tracker market and has found a way to collect even more data from people than is already the case with various Echo products. Amazon Halo is a wristband without a display that has various sensors. It measures body temperature, monitors the wearer’s sleep quality, and even creates a mood profile based on the pitch of your voice. This is made possible by an AI algorithm.

Also within the associated app is the chance to create a 3D image of yourself. To do this, users of the fitness tracker must wear tight-fitting clothing and take photos of themselves with their smartphone. Within the app, a realistic image of the body, including body fat information, is created. In this way, it should be possible to document fitness progress or dietary success.

Amazon has probably thought about how privacy activists would react to the new tracking cuff before its release. Amazon has done some things to improve Halo’s privacy. According to the company, user data is not stored on servers, but locally on your smartphone. According to the manufacturer, the voice data for analyzing your mood will be deleted after the analysis and not passed on to Amazon. The same applies to the body images and the 3D model. Amazon also promises that the microphone integrated into the bracelet can be switched off.

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Amazon’s fitness bracelet is initially only available in the USA. After an introductory phase, the current price will be raised from around $65 to $100. In addition, Amazon offers a subscription model for the analysis of voice data and other AI functions, which will cost $3.99 per month. Without a subscription, Halo can be used as a fitness tracker, evaluating sleep, steps, and body temperature. Whether Amazon Halo will come to Europe is not yet clear.


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