Sunday, October 24, 2021

App Store antitrust, new iMac hints, and our WWDC wishlist on the AppleInsider podcast

This week on the AppleInsider podcast, the debate about App Store pricing and policies has fired up again, a new iMac icon found in an unreleased version of iOS 14, and our hosts list their feature wishlist for the next version of iPadOS.

From the creators of Basecamp, a project management and teamwork tool, Hey aims to be a new and innovative take on email. At the moment, the new service is invitation-only as it slowly rolls out, but anyone can download the iOS app from the App Store. Or at least, anyone can download version 1.0 of their iOS app which was approved.

However, Apple says that initial approval was a mistake, and it is now requiring Hey to add its paid service as an in-app subscription. That would mean 30% of Hey’s revenue would go to Apple and, according to Hey’s developer, this decision seems arbitrary given other apps function the same way, like Netflix and Amazon Kindle books.

In cheerier news, we also discuss Zoom backtracking it’s security announcement, which had originally insisted end-to-end encryption of Zoom video calls could only be on the paid version. Now, Zoom has announced that all calls will be encrypted, even for users on the free tier.

Next, a leaked icon found in an unreleased version of iOS 14 appears to show the rumored iMac redesign, and your hosts list the features each of them most desire for the next version of iPadOS, likely to be announced at WWDC next week.

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