Technology giant Apple could be planning to partner with South Korean manufacturer Hyundai to build its long-awaited electric car, recent statements suggest. Read on for full details. 

  • Apple car project still in progress
  • Could be built by Hyundai
  • Will be an electric car
  • Autonomous driving modes
  • Still six years away from launch

Apple is planning to launch its own electric car, which is expected to be a high-tech alternative to the likes of the Tesla Model 3, S, X and Y. It could feature game-changing autonomous driving features when it arrives in the mid 2020s.

Our exclusive render shows what the Apple car could look like.

Little-to-no information has been released about Apple’s in-house car project, but a recent statement issued by Hyundai to the Financial Times confirmed that the South Korean carmaker is in talks with the US technology giant that could lead to Hyundai taking a role in building the upcoming Apple car.

Keen customers may have to wait until after 2025 for the Apple car’s launch…

A Hyundai spokesperson said “Apple and Hyundai are in discussions, but as it is at an early stage, nothing has been decided”. The discussions in question refer to the development of autonomous electric vehicles. However, Hyundai later went on to amend its statement and said that Apple was talking with a variety of global carmakers and that Hyundai has received ‘requests for potential co-operation from various companies’.

Hyundai is preparing its own range of three new electric cars under the Ioniq name. 

Whether Apple will partner with Hyundai to build its first car is anyone’s guess, but these statements do at least suggest that Apple’s first vehicle project is alive and well.

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Apple car price and release date

Don’t think you’ll be able to put your name down for an Apple car this year, though. Developing a new car, especially one featuring advanced battery technology and autonomous driving features, takes a long time. And, as the failed Dyson electric car project shows, it’s even more difficult if your company has never built a car before…

The appliance-maker Dyson cancelled it electric-car project (shown here) after years of development. 

If Apple stays the course, you could see its first car in showrooms in around five years’ time. As with most Apple products, however, it’s likely to carry a premium over alternatives, so it’ll almost certainly cost more than a comparable electric car from Tesla, Mercedes, BMW or Audi.

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