A lot has already been rumoured about the upcoming iPhone, tipped as iPhone 13 series. One of the recent rumours that came from tipster Jon Prosser, was that the series will get a 1TB storage version as well. That’s double the highest storage variant we have right now in iPhone 12 (512GB). However, a new report from analysts at Wedbush (via 9to5Mac) seems to be doubling down on the speculation, stating that ‘iPhone 13’ will be the first iPhone to get 1TB storage variant this year.

When it comes to non-Mac devices, Apple has offered 1TB storage only in its high-end iPad Pro tablets for now. On the other hand, Android OEMs like Samsung have already been offering 1TB storage for years already.

However, in January, when Prosser claimed iPhone 13 to get 1TB inbuilt storage space, he clearly mentioned that it could be limited to the ‘Pro’ model, considering the audience that it will target.This means that while the rumoured iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max could come with 1TB storage model, the non-Pro models might be limited to 512GB. We can only wait and see what Apple has in store for customers.

Meanwhile, a recent exclusive report from Appleosophy claimed that the firm is working on a version of ‘portless’ iPhone 13 as well. It added that Apple has even found a solution for recovering data wirelessly. For now, data recovery is usually done by using a lightning to USB Type-A cable that connects to the laptop port. But since the portless iPhone won’t have a Lightning port at all, Apple has tried something called ‘Internet Recovery’.

However, the report does mention that this is a prototype tech working on a prototype device. But Apple’s developers seem ‘confident in the tech’.



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