The latest benchmarks show Intel’s latest Tiger Lake processors for laptops holding their own against Apple’s M1 chip.

Cinebench R23

Taking a look at the oft-cited Cinebench R23 benchmark, the latest Intel Core i7-1185G7 Tiger Lake (10-nanometer) mobile processor actually edges out the M1 in single-core benchmarks, according to numbers posted by cpu-monkey.

Cinebench R23 single core:

—i7: 1,538

—M1: 1,514

The M1, however, does beat the Core i7 1185G7 on Cinebench 23 multicore — but not by the massive margins one would be led to believe by the media.

Cinebench R23 multicore:

—M1: 7,760

— i7: 6,264


Geekbench favors the M1 over Intel Core i7 1185G7 but, again, not enough that Windows laptop users would notice vis-a-vis an M1-based MacBook Pro.

Geekbench 5 single-core:

—M1: 1,718 (single core)

—i7: 1,578 (single core)

On Geekbench 5 multicore it’s a bigger gap but not huge.

Geekbench 5 multicore:

—M1: 7,534 (multicore)

— i7: 6,102 (multicore)

The Intel Core i7 1185G7 processor is already being used in popular laptops* like the latest Dell XPS 13.

While Apple has pulled off a coup of sorts with its new M1, Intel isn’t standing still.



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