Monday, August 15, 2022

Apple makes more in a second than you probably earn in a week

Apple earns more money in a single second than many Americans in full-time jobs earn in an entire week, according to a new report.

New research, carried out by Tipalti, “looked at the annual profit figures of 50 of the world’s best-known companies to find those that are making the most money per second.” As you might expect, Apple came out top — and there’s a webpage that will count its income while you sit and watch. Just to drive the point home.

According to that report, Apple currently earns $151 billion per day or $1,752 per second. To put that into perspective, the average weekly wage in the United States sits at around $1,237. That means that those earning the average wage need more than a week to earn what Apple manages to bag inside just one second. How much has Apple banked while you’ve been reading this? A lot, that’s how much.

Apple rakes in as much as $55 billion in annual profits, by the way.

All of this is of course unlikely to make many of us feel better about ourselves, although there’s a discussion to be had about whether we should compare people to huge companies worth trillions of dollars. But what these numbers do is give us a better way to understand figures that are otherwise meaningless. $55 billion sounds like a lot, but it’s a number few of us can really comprehend. Knowing that Apple brings almost $1,800 into the business every second makes it easier to comprehend — whether we like those numbers once we do is another matter!

All of this comes as Apple just announced the best Mac for most people in the shape of the new Apple M2 MacBook Air. That’s a costly machine by most standards and starts at $1,199 when it goes on sale next month. That, for those following along at home, is around a week’s wages for many of us.

Don’t worry though, if you don’t buy one Apple will rake in just as much money in the time it takes you to think “that’s a lot of money!”


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