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Apple making ‘big announcement’ Wednesday, says CBS

A new CBS interview and video claim Apple will make a ‘big announcement’ on Wednesday about a “major new initiative” that will be “bigger and better than a new product.

In the video, CBS Gayle King speaks briefly with Cook following violence at America’s Capitol building last week. Cook stated in response to the attack that it was key “people be held accountable for it” and that the event was something we should be “very serious about.” Furthermore, Cook states that “no-one is above the law” when asked whether President Trump should be held responsible.

More interestingly, at the end of the segment, King stated that Cook had actually interviewed with CBS about a different topic, a “big announcement” coming Wednesday, January 13.

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King stressed it was not a new product but in their view was something “bigger and better than that.”

Speculating what it could be, Apple analyst Neil Cybart noted:

CBS: Apple has a “big announcement” tomorrow that isn’t a new product. Gayle King claims Apple’s announcement is bigger and better than a new product. Hmmm.

1) Gayle King went to an Apple store to conduct her (remote) interview with Tim Cook. Interesting, no? She could have done the interview from anywhere.
2) A morning show interview implies Apple’s announcement will come out pretty early in the day (if not later today).
3) A morning show interview also implies Apple thinks its non-product news will have impact / relevancy with the mass market.

King went to the local Apple store to interview Cook from Cupertino and says Cook agreed to answer other questions. CBS said that what it was going to tell us about tomorrow was “very exciting.”

Speculating further, Cybart noted an Apple store announcement about vaccination could make sense:



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