Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Apple releases a public beta for iOS, but not the one you’ve been waiting for

Ok, iPhone users, time to clear up some confusion. As you might know, the iOS 18 developer beta has been available since the WWDC Keynote came to an end almost a couple of weeks ago. The iOS 18 public beta will kick off sometime next month. Apple used to charge $99 for you to be recognized as a developer but it no longer does this. So if you must get the first crack at some new iOS 18 features, you can install the developer beta now.

Some of the new features that are available on the iOS 18 developer beta include the new home screen app icon customization which allows you to move your icons around and change the colors of the icons. You’ll also have the new Control Center with the power off button in the upper right corner, and more. None of the Apple Intelligence AI features are in the developer beta and Siri is still the underperforming virtual digital assistant she’s been over the last few years.

As we’ve pointed out, the iOS 18 developer beta is not stable which means that you need to back up your data before installing it. Also, some of the features you need on a daily basis might not work correctly. Keep in mind that your battery life will suffer.
Today, Apple did release a public beta, but not for iOS 18. Those with a compatible iPhone can install iOS 17.6 beta 1. If you’ve already signed up with the iOS Beta Program, tap on Settings > General > Software Update > Beta Updates and press on iOS 17 Public Beta. Go back and you’ll see the invitation to install the update. The iOS 17.6 update could be the last remaining iOS 17 update before iOS 18 arrives.

The iOS 17.6 beta 1 update will be more stable than the iOS 18 developer beta, but there really isn’t anything exciting that would give you the incentive to install it. That is unless you’re a sports fan with an MLS Season Pass subscription. If you’re tuning into an MLS contest being live-streamed late, the new “Catch Up” feature in iOS 17.6 will show you a series of highlights from the start of the game until the moment you joined the live-stream. It will appear as the Key Plays carousel from the main menu if you start watching a game in progress. After the game, you can access the highlights from the video player controls menu.

The “Catch Up” feature has nothing to do with that tomato paste you dump on your burger and fries. It is available on iOS 17.6 beta 1 so if you are an MLS fan, you might consider installing it. While it is more stable than the iOS 18 developer beta, it is still a beta release which means install it at your risk. Also released today by Apple are iPadOS 17.6 beta 1 and macOS 14.6 beta 1.


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