Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Apple releases a whopping three new case colors for iPad and iPad mini

While Apple’s flagship iPhone and Apple Watch devices are receiving a veritable flotilla of new accessories, the humble ninth-generation iPad gets only one new Smart Cover color while the redesigned iPad mini nets two.

Quietly announced in an update to Apple’s website after the unveiling of iPad and iPad mini, the lineup of new first-party accessories for its latest tablets is quite limited.

Specifically, a new English Lavender (pastel purple) Smart Cover is now available for the ninth-generation iPad. The latest iPad version is compatible with existing Smart Covers in six colors and Apple’s Smart Keyboard.

Similarly, an English Lavender Smart Folio for iPad mini has debuted alongside a new Dark Cherry colorway. The remaining Smart Folio colors for the sixth-generation iPad mini are borrowed from past iterations of the accessory.

With iPad and iPad mini up for preorder now, Apple’s first-party accessories can be purchased today for delivery later this month.


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