Iphone 12 Pro ReviewSource: Daniel Bader / Android Central

Apple has this week shared a short film shot on iPhone 12 on its Apple France YouTube channel titled Le Peintre.

The 67-second film is about a painter who goes to a large mansion to do a job, only to realize there has been a pretty funny misunderstanding. From the description (translated):

A house painter rings the doorbell of a large mansion … and gradually realizes that he is the victim of a misunderstanding. The Painter, a short film by J.B. Braud made with the iPhone.

With Franc Bruneau, Mathilde Warnier and Amalia Vairelli. Original music composed by Anne Chmelewsky.

The film is in part to promote not only the iPhone 12’s awesome camera but also a series of virtual Today at Apple workshops being help by Apple in France. From Apple:

From February 15th to 28th, virtual sessions reveal the professions of cinema. Would you like to compose a B.O., become a producer, editor, artistic director, chief operator or storyboarder? Make your dreams come true by taking inspiration from the pros’ journey.



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