As Apple’s September 15 event gets closer, new supposed leaks are flying fast. Today, established leaker @L0vetodream dropped a couple of tidbits to get us even more excited about what’s to come. In a series of Tweets, @L0vetodream mentions new colors for Apple Watch, quick charging for an unnamed product, and something being online September 15.

The “new color for Apple Watch” could refer to either the Apple Watch Series 6 and relate to a new type of material or a new color for existing material (aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, and ceramic). There have also been new rumors that Apple will unveil a new low-cost Apple Watch, dubbed Apple Watch SE, that might be made from less-expensive plastic material, which could lend itself to multiple color options.

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@L0vetodream also tweeted the phrase “online Sept 15,” which could relate to when Apple will announce the new product, or it could mean online orders will be available on the same day as Apple’s Time Flies event.

If the latter, it could mean the Apple Watch SE since this device is rumored to be a slight variation on the Apple Watch Series 4. Apple traditionally has a one to two-week preorder time for brand new products, but it isn’t unheard of for Apple to announce an upgraded older Apple Watch available immediately.

In a cryptic tweet, @L0vetodream also mentions “quick charge for Apple ( ).” The empty parenthetical, Apple Insider points out, could relate to an as-yet-unnamed product that will support quick charging.

There was one last tweet that was part of this drop, which simply reads, “$5X9 X>6.” Can anyone tell me what @L0vetodream is hinting at?

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