Monday, January 17, 2022

Apple’s AR/VR headset to have hand gesture detection

As rumors suggest that Apple’s long-rumored mixed reality headset will be announced sometime in 2022, we’ve been hearing several rumors about it recently. Now Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is back with more details about the product, this time claiming that the device will feature advanced hand gesture detection.

In an investor note seen by 9to5Mac, Kuo says that Apple’s AR/VR headset will be equipped with 3D sensors that are more advanced than the ones Apple uses in the iPhone and iPad for Face ID. The analyst has heard from sources that Apple’s headset is expected to have an innovative gesture and motion detection system.

More specifically, the new headset will have four sets of 3D sensors, while iPhone has only one. This should allow the device to capture gestures and detect objects more accurately than the current TrueDepth camera, which is also capable of detecting motion – as seen in features like Animoji.

According to Kuo, one of the features of Apple’s mixed reality headset enabled by such sensors is the detection of movements made by the hands to control the interface.

We predict that the structured light of the AR/MR headset can detect not only the position change of the user or other people’s hand and object in front of the user’s eyes but also the dynamic detail change of the hand (just like the iPhone’s Face ID/structured light/Animoji can detect user’s dynamic expression change). Capturing the details of hand movement can provide a more intuitive and vivid human-machine UI (for example, detecting the user’s hand from a clenched fist to open and the balloon [image] in hand flying away).

The analyst believes that the 3D sensors built into Apple’s new headset will also have an increased field of view (FOV), so that it can detect objects up to 200% further away than the current Face ID sensors. In addition to hand gesture detection, the headset is rumored to have eye tracking, iris recognition, voice control, skin detection, facial expression detection, and spatial detection.

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Kuo also suggests that Apple is working on other AR/VR devices, as he mentions “Apple’s metaverse hardware devices.” Earlier this week, Kuo said that Apple’s headset is expected to weigh about 350 grams, while the second generation will be lighter. The analyst also said last month that the product will be announced in 2022 and will not require a paired iPhone to work.

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