Friday, July 19, 2024
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Apple’s First Foldable iPad May Not Be Happening Soon

2024 will see Apple adopting OLEDs on its iPad, with the 11-inch and 13-inch iPad Pro models making the first Apple products to switch from LCD. Beyond the OLED iPads, Apple was said to be working on its first foldable device in the form of a hybrid iPad and MacBook and rumored to arrive at the end of 2025. However, it now appears this could be delayed for an indefinite time.

No foldable Apple iPad in the foreseeable future

Based on the supply chain chatter cited by Nikkei Asia, Apple has no plans on when it could add its foldable device to its road map. Instead, the Cupertino tech giant is believed to only start considering the folding device after it has fully transitioned to OLED on its iPad and MacBook.

For this reason, Apple could further delay the development and launch of a foldable tablet or laptop. However, there was already speculation within industry sources that Apple’s extra large slab will feature a 20-inch primary screen when unfolded which is akin to the Asus Zenbook 17 Fold (review).

Apple MacBook-iPad Hybrid Fold
Apple’s new patent describes its foldable device as a foldable ‘laptop computer’. / © Patently Apple

Likewise, it is unlikely that we will see any foldable Apple offering debuting in 2025 at all. And even so, the idea of a foldable iPhone becomes more clouded given the company is prioritizing making a folding iPad and MacBook hybrid first rather than rushing to bring alternatives and competing with Android OEMs such as Samsung.

When can you buy an Apple MacBook with an OLED screen

Apart from the foldable iPad, it was also mentioned in the report that OLED-equipped MacBook laptops may be only ready by the second half of 2025 as the earliest launch window. Of course, this might be even stretched all the way to 2026 due to the bottlenecks faced by display suppliers in making OLED screens that are within Apple’s strict standard requirements.

According to the South Korean outlet The Elec, Samsung has started developing a 13-inch OLED panel which is expected to be utilized on the Apple MacBook Air first. The panel was also said to be using an older type of OLED technology while a better version is reserved for the MacBook Pro and iPad.

Do you see foldable phones and tablets phasing out brick form factors in the future? And do you think Apple is already late to the party? We’re eager to hear your opinion on this matter. Shoot us with your answers in the comment section.


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