Thursday, May 19, 2022

aptX Adaptive wireless tech should make everything sound better

After a universal acceptance that aptX Low Latency and aptX HD audio technologies make standard and high-res music sound great over wireless connections, Qualcomm has followed up with a new standard that should simplify matters.

It has announced aptX Adaptive – a new wireless audio technology that effectively transmits audio at like-for-like quality, no matter the source.

Qualcomm claims that it matches wired performance for more than just music. That includes watching video and mobile gaming.

It doesn’t matter if your source audio is in low or extremely high bitrates, you will hear it exactly as intended.

“aptX Adaptive is advancing our industry as it is designed to deliver audio quality that matches wired performance across a wide range of sources and to provide consumers with the immersive wireless listening experience they are looking for,” said Qualcomm’s Anthony Murray

“With this new product, listeners don’t have to do anything while aptX Adaptive dynamically adjusts performance to best deliver exceptional audio whether the user is playing games or listening a song.”

The new aptX Adaptive decoder tech will first appear in headsets, headphones and speakers that adopt the latest Qualcomm Bluetooth Audio SoCs from next month, September.

The encoder will appear on Android smartphones that run Android Pie from December.


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