What if you went to an art installation at one of the coolest venues in New York that you could then take with you anywhere in the world?

That’s exactly what’s in play with a new Instagram filter that creates a kind of portal into an ’80s-style light show anywhere you travel.

The Instagram filter is called Arrival and it’s an outgrowth of the recent light show installation of the same name that debuted just a couple of weeks ago at the Avant Gardner space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The physical art installation in Brooklyn. Image by 404 zero/Vimeo

Both the live installation and the augmented reality filter were created by Kristina Karpysheva and Sasha Letcius, two Russian artists who operate collectively under the name 404.zero.

In addition to audio-visual installations, the 80,000 square foot venue also plays host to some of the most influential music acts of the moment, including Steve Aoki, Aphex Twin, Carl Cox, Deadmau5, and Pussy Riot.


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