The Audi Q7 PHEV comes with different driving modes, including:

• Efficiency
• Comfort
• Auto
• Dynamic
• Individual
• EV mode

We’ll be focusing on the last one.

EV mode is activated by a digital button. Push it, and the Q7 PHEV will either hold the electric power stored in the battery for later, or use that battery power to run purely on EV mode and forego petrol altogether.

Once in EV mode, Audi claim the Q7 can run anything between 27 or 29 miles. According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), the average commute is 10 miles – so you’d almost be able to do three days’ worth of commuting on any one charge if this holds true.

To thoroughly test it, we’re going to drive through stop-start traffic, on B roads and take on some 70mph sections. Watch the video to see how Rory gets on.


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