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Auto shop’s advice for winter car care

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) – With cold temperatures for the next several days, a local auto shop is reminding you of some steps to take to keep your vehicle in good shape.

If you have not done so yet this winter, Steven Faught, the owner of Shenandoah Automotives, said drivers need to check their battery, windshield wipers, and tires.

When winter rolls around, Faught said many customers come in for a winter weather checkup, where he said they see double the amount of battery replacements than in the fall.

“Cold weather will certainly finish your battery off so then you won’t be able to start your car in the mornings,” Faught said.

He said drivers need to check the tread of their tires before wintry weather arrives.

“If you’re driving in much rain or snow, you should replace the tires before you get to those wear indicators,” Faught said. “They are still okay for dry weather, but they will not do very well in snowy conditions.”

While you may have plenty of windshield wiper fluid, Faught said to make sure it is meant for cold conditions, otherwise, your windshield could freeze over. He said do not rely on your wipers to clear off snow or ice.

“Ice and frost on the windshield can cause them to stick, and it’s a really rough surface, which will also deteriorate your wiper blades if you’re trying to clear more ice than you should,” Faught said.

And before driving off, he said let your car run for a few minutes to keep your engine in good shape.

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