(Pocket-lint) – Whether you call them A23 or 23A batteries, these little 12V beauties provide the power behind tons of tiny gadgets, including the likes of security fobs, car keys and home security systems.

Therefore, it’s essential to have plenty at hand for when your devices run low on juice. Since it’s unlikely you’ll have many things in your home that you can quickly switch out, as well, unlike with AA or AAA batteries, it’s even more crucial to plan ahead and make sure you’re stocked up.

That’s why we’ve created this guide, detailing some of the very best 23A battery sets to help you out.

Best 23A batteries you can buy today


LiCB 23A 12V (Five-Pack)


With this LiCB five-pack, you’ll be stocked up and ready to power all your smaller gadgets, with each battery providing you with around 100 hours of juice. 

The 12V alkaline cylinders also have a shelf life of around three years before becoming duds, which means you can keep them stashed away and ready for service at a later date.


Energizer A23 12V (Five-Pack)


Being a household name in the world of batteries may not mean that much, but, still, it doesn’t hurt to pick up your A23 batteries from a name you’re likely to be familiar with. 

Things are fairly standard here – the five-pack will deliver 12V of power to your smaller remotes and keyring gadgets, with plenty of shelf life for the batteries you’re keeping in reserve.


AmazonBasics 23A (Four-Pack)


Like the entire AmazonBasics range, things are kept simple with this four-pack of 23A batteries.

In terms of the price per unit, this set is also one of the most affordable on this list, making it a natural pick for those who want to charge their smaller devices without breaking the bank. 

Gold Peak

Gold Peak 23A Batteries (Five-Pack)


Gold Peak’s set of five is another example of how 23A batteries don’t have to burn a hole in your wallet, with this set available at a very affordable rate.

The 12V units are able to power all your smaller compatible gadgets for roughly 100 hours, with plenty of shelf life meaning you can keep a few in the drawer and ready to replace outgoing units. 


Skoanbe 23A Batteries (Five-Pack)


Skoanbe’s 23A batteries join the rest of the company’s budget-friendly arsenal, giving power-needy users the chance to stick to a small budget.

You’ll get roughly 100 hours from each battery, and, combined with a shelf life of around three years, this five-pack should be able to tide you and your smaller gadgets over for some time.

Writing by Conor Allison. Editing by Dan Grabham.



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