Saturday, December 4, 2021

Best APM tools in 2020

It’s one thing to manage IT infrastructure and networks, but often it’s the applications that require the most attention. It’s not just that there can be so many of them, but also the fact they tend to update frequently which can cause problems with software conflicts and unexpected issues with hardware.

This is where application performance management (APM) software tools can really reduce the IT management burden, by providing a single platform to manage all apps rather than having to manage and trouble-shoot each one individually.

This means a single dashboard from which you can manage updates, watch for conflicts, and deal with any faults or errors that may arise because of app events, data, or resource use. It also means you can get an overall view of performance making it easy and quick to not just identify any problems with apps resolve any such issues.

We’ve therefore looked at the best in APM tools, where the software can be used not just for monitoring but also for general optimization as part of an overall IT strategy.

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Datadog APM

(Image credit: Datadog)

1. Datadog APM

Trace problems through a full stack

Platforms: Web | Key features: Full-stack visibility, real-time interactive dashboards | Dashboards: Yes | Free trial: Yes


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