It’s only been five months since we last rounded up your top Bluetooth cell phone headset options on the market, and while mobile accessories don’t look as flashy and prone to frequent upgrades as smartphones or smartwatches, a lot has changed between April and today.

Best Bluetooth earbuds

Bluetooth headphones

To make sure you don’t go for a pair of outdated earbuds therefore, we’ve decided to already refresh the list of best Amazon picks. But this time, we’re ruling out mono, single-ear headsets primarily meant for initiating and answering voice calls hands-free.

We’re also not focusing on high-end, pricey, audiophile-centric over-the-ear headphones like the Beats Studio or Bose QuietComfort 25… just yet. A separate inventory of those will be coming soon, but for now, let’s see what your five-star, budget-friendly in-ear stereo Bluetooth headset choices for September 2015 are.

Wireless earbuds

Some of these excellent earbuds have rolled out very recently, others are treated to massive discounts that make them absolute bargains, while a few simply eluded us back in April. Why should you buy one of the following models and not a larger, arguably better-sounding counterpart? Well, they’re clearly more portable, compact and inconspicuous, and at the end of the day, they’re the wise pick for both traveling and athletic purposes.

As the name suggests, these premium wireless earbuds are designed specifically for your most extreme workouts, with sweat, drop, dirt, temperature and humidity protection, plus, believe it or not, built-in heart rate monitoring functions.

Jabra Pulse

No other accessories needed, just fit the headset in your ears, blast the music, and simultaneously get coached on whether to accelerate or pace yourself, based on your heartbeat. Granted, battery life isn’t exactly stellar due to the advanced technology integrated in an otherwise typical-looking package, and crisp audio. But 4.5 hours is still long enough to last you a couple of extended running sessions.

JayBird BlueBuds X

Let’s face it, the price here feels a little on the steep side, sans HR features or anything along those lines. But the BlueBuds X should be capable of “remarkable” sound, with a snazzy yet fairly low-profile design, 13.8 grams (!!!) weight, “lifetime warranty against sweat”, and 8, yes, 8 hours of continuous run time between charges. Worth the Benjamin and a half all in all, don’t you think?

Everybody knows that Beats purchases give you status, bragging rights over other brands, and a unique sense of style. That said, the Powerbeats 2 certainly stand out a little more than they maybe should from an aesthetical standpoint, and connect up to 30 feet away from your Bluetooth-enabled Android phone.

Beats Powerbeats 2

Their key selling points also include quick charging support, with an hour of non-stop playback provided by 15 minutes of power-up activity, as well as a six-hour normal endurance rating, water resistance, and dual-driver acoustics for booming sound.

As we enter ultra-low-cost territory, it’s best to lower the expectation bar when it comes to features like heart rate monitors or swanky designs. Then again, as long as you’re not peeved by stiff neckbands, the Tone Infinim contraption is quite the looker, and it offers both ergonomics and versatility.

LG Tone Infinim

The actual earbuds are retractable, you have easily accessible call and music controls to your left and right, and above all, LG joins forces with Harman Kardon for “premium audio quality.” Wait, then why are these so cheap? Well, they’re currently reduced from $150, and it’d be a pity if you didn’t take advantage of the deal before it eventually expires.

Jabra Rox

Also heavily discounted, from $130 to under $80, the ROX ensemble is super-small, lightweight, and keeps the lights on for around 5.5 hours on a single charge. There’s NFC compatibility for easy handheld pairing, HD Voice support, advanced noise cancellation for phone calls, multimedia stream capabilities, plus rain, dust and shock resistance. Not too shabby!

BackBeat FIT

Sure, these earbuds look odd, but they’re among the best reviewed of their kind on Amazon, with a 4.3-star average based on over 1,700 user opinions. That’s primarily because they’re flexible and remain wrapped around your head no matter what, sweat-proof, and endowed with DeepSleep functionality for hibernation when not in use, and consequent autonomy expansion. Speaking of, they can run for 8 hours on end while you run for 8 hours on end. Protip – take a break before the BackBeat Fit.

RevJams Active Sport

They’re active, you’re active, they’re sporty, you’re sporty, they’re comfortable in their skin and promise “superb sound with no wires”, you… would very much like that at the uber-economical price point. Win-win situation, y’all!

Mpow Cheetah

Bendy, sneaky, light as a feather yet handsome and stylish, the compact, comfortable and secure earbuds let you skip tracks, control your volume and take calls without ever coming near your phone. It’ll be easy to forget the Cheetah is even synched to a separate device, after 8 hours of talk or music time, or 180 (!!!) in standby. And yes, the audio quality is fine, courtesy of aptX technology.

We know you like to go unnoticed when out for a jog, but this black-and-red gizmo is just too darn classy to turn it down. And no, the all-black model isn’t an option, trust us. Funnily enough, the manufacturer forgot to give the headset a proper name, so we’ll simply call it the 2-Link Soundblaster.


That’s right, you can connect two Bluetooth phones at the same time and “free switch”, and endurance is rated at a solid 8 hours of calling, or 6 hours of music. Or 160 hours of standby. The assorted neckband isn’t too rigid, and the design is both ergonomics-focused and rugged, with durability a key G-Cord objective.

Another technically unnamed set of earbuds, another ridiculously low price tag, another comfortable and secure construction, not to forget “CD-like high quality sound” (as if anyone listens to CDs nowadays), 5-hour autonomy, and built-in HD microphone.


Okay, we’ll be honest with you. This isn’t the greatest or prettiest headset around. But it’s the cheapest wireless design, and it fulfills its basic duties honorably.

MEE Audio Sport

Yes, this thing is wired, which may prove a major inconvenience for some. And if you want a mic, you have to pay 5 bucks extra. But once again, affordability rules, and cash-strapped consumers drool… over the noise isolating, “energetic sound”-capable, enhanced bass-producing M6. Which repels water, by the by, and comes bundled with a handy shirt clip and half a dozen sets of eartips ensuring the perfect fit for everyone.



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