Covers for Cricut Machines

Whether you have a Cricut Explore Air 2, a Cricut Maker, or a Cricut Joy, it’s an investment you’ll want to protect. A nice cover can keep it looking great for years to come, so it’s something to consider when you’re choosing Cricut accessories. While the Explore Air 2 and Maker are the same size and can use the same size cover, you’ll need a different size cover for the Cricut Joy.

The best covers for Cricut machines for you

A good cover protects your Cricut machine from dust and whatever else might come its way. Pockets for your favorite Cricut tools and accessories are also nice to have. You also want your cover to match your decor, so it’s great that all of the options listed here come in multiple colorways.

If you just need a simple cover, I’d go for the HOMEST Dust Cover, which comes in both machine sizes. If you have both a Cricut Maker/Explore Air 2 and a Cricut Joy, you can even get matching covers.

It’s also worth considering the CACTIYE Carrying Bag Compatible with Cricut Explore Air and Maker, which is a bag for taking your machine on the go that comes with a cover to use at home. Speaking of taking your Cricut machine on the go, the Cricut Joy is made for travel, so Cricut Joy totes are handy.

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