(Pocket-lint) – Having a torch in your collection is essential for lighting up dark spaces, but not all are able to perform the job you need. 

For those who want to shine a light on an outdoor trail or need to brighten up a large space indoors, standard flashlights sometimes aren’t enough. That’s why more dedicated, high-power options are available to explore.

At the very least, these picks should be able to create a brighter and more wide-reaching beam. However, many will also offer additional features to assist control, such as a zoomable head or different lighting modes. Some flashlights will also come in pairs or multipacks, which are ideal for keeping spare or kitting out more than one person. 

So, if you require something more powerful than the standard LED torch, explore this list of affordable and functional options.

Best high-power flashlights you can buy today 


GearLight LED Tactical Flashlight S1000


GearLight is renowned for producing very capable torches, and this pairing is no different. 

Able to run on three AAA batteries or through a single rechargeable battery, with a total battery time of around 10 hours, it features a very strong beam – allowing the light to be visible from up to 1000ft away.  

To help control the beam range and angle, five different lighting modes and adjustable zoom also feature. And, to ensure year-round use, they’re resistant to weather, water, drops and abrasions, as well.


Binwo LED Tactical Flashlight


Another two-pack comes by the way of Binwo, whose tactical flashlights represent an excellent, powerful alternative. 

Like other options on this list, it’s able to create an impressive beam distance – up to around 656ft – with a zoomable design allowing users to create a flood or spot of light. This adjustability can also be coupled with the five different modes – high, medium, low, strobe and SOS. 

For those planning on a lot of outdoor use, each flashlight is also made for the outdoors, too. With its IPX5 rating, it’s able to withstand some water and adverse weather exposure.


Maglite Heavy-Duty Incandescent Flashlight


Maglite’s offering accounts for just one torch, but it’s more than enough for those who just want a simple heavy-duty pick.

With the 98 lumens providing a beam distance of around 875ft, as well as a run time of roughly 10 hours and a durable, waterproof design, this is an excellent choice for the outdoors. 

This particular variation runs on four Type D batteries, but it’s worth noting that this Maglite collection also features bigger, more powerful flashlights to explore, too.


Amuoc LED Tactical Flashlight S1000


Amuoc has another S1000 flashlight for beam-hunters to consider, offering brightness that can be seen around 1000ft away in the right conditions. 

Like others, it’s able to run from either three AAA batteries or a rechargeable alternative, with five different modes (high, medium, low, strobe and SOS) and an adjustable, zoomable head.

To make it a solid fit for the outdoors, it’s also weatherproof, waterproof and resistant to drops and abrasions. All in all, it’s a top all-rounder.


Eveready LED Flashlight (Four-Pack)


For those who want to shift between two different sizes, Eveready’s multipack is a very affordable and effective solution. 

Four flashlights are included in the set, with the bigger powered by D batteries and the smaller pair operating through AA batteries. No matter which you whip out in the dark, you’ll receive a runtime of around 60 hours.

The torches only feature 25 lumens of brightness, but that’s more than enough for light outdoor use and for jobs around the house. 

Writing by Conor Allison.



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