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Best Kindle Cases 2021: Regular, Paperwhite & Oasis

Since launching in 2007, Amazon’s Kindle devices have established themselves as the market leader when it comes to e-readers. They offer a slim, lightweight alternative to physical books, complete with eye-friendly e-ink displays and an unrivalled selection of books via the Kindle Store. 

Amazon has expanded its Kindle range in recent years, with the four models it currently sells all targeted at a specific type of reader. The regular Kindle is a great basic option, while the Paperwhite adds a few extra premium features. The Oasis switches up the design to provide the most complete Kindle experience, while the Kids Edition is the best option for younger readers.

All four are included in our best eReader chart, with the Paperwhite and regular model currently occupying the top two spots. 

However, rolling without a case for these devices can be a risk, particularly on some of the more slimline models. If you’re planning on travelling, a cover of some sort is a must to stop unnecessary damage while on-the-go. The Kids Edition already comes with a cover, but here are the best case options for the other three devices.

1. Amazon Fabric for regular Kindle, Paperwhite, Oasis

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2018) Water-Safe Fabric Case

The latest Kindle Paperwhite added waterproofing for the first time, but for the full experience you might want to throw on a case with similar credentials.

Of course most synthetic cases available are waterproof anyway, so you’re not getting anything revolutionary here, but the fabric texture is a nice touch and should help with grip (though we haven’t personally tried it).

This case handily puts your Kindle to sleep on closing and wakes it on opening. It comes in three shades: yellow (pictured), charcoal black and blue.

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You can buy it now for £24.99/US$29.99. It’s also available for the regular Kindle (£39.99/US$29.99) and Kindle Oasis (£39.99/US$39.99).

2. Amazon Leather for regular Kindle, Paperwhite, Oasis

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (10th Gen) Leather Case

Amazon’s own selection of cases may be the best and most obvious place to start. The Kindle Paperwhite Leather Case offers streamlined, lightweight and stylish protection for your device.

Amazon’s case also promises hinge and strap-free protection, and conveniently puts your Paperwhite to sleep when the case is closed.

In addition to the black model pictured, it’s also available in Merlot, Plum, Sage and Twilight Blue. 

You can buy it now for £34.99/US$39.99, while a premium leather version is also available for £49.99/US$59.99.

Versions of both products can also be bought for the regular Kindle (Leather/Premium Leather) and Kindle Oasis (Leather/Premium Leather).

3. Noreve Leather for Paperwhite, Oasis

Noreve Kindle Paperwhite (2018) Leather Case

French company Noreve offers a wide range of case options for the 10th generation Kindle Paperwhite. You can choose from genuine hand-crafted leather styles with different grains or go for synthetic leather options too.

Not only can you choose from many different styles, there’s also plenty of different colours. The price does vary depending on what you select.

Noreve produces cases for other Kindle models too and options for the Kindle Oasis are also available. You can see the whole range of cases by device on Noreve’s site here.

4. Fintie Origami for Paperwhite, Oasis

Fintie Origami Case for Kindle Paperwhite

For Paperwhite owners who would still like the Origami style case for their Kindle, the best alternative may be with Fintie. The brand offers the Origami design within a compact, lightweight design which automatically locks the device when closed. 

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The Fintie Origami case is crafted to fit the Paperwhite 2018 (£12.99/US$17.99), but you can also get it for other models. 

While these Fintie Origami cases are incompatible with the original Kindle and Kids Edition, Oasis owners can find a selection of patterns and styles for £19.99/US$7.99 on Amazon.

5. MoKo for regular Kindle, Paperwhite, Oasis

MoKo Kindle Case

MoKo’s Kindle case is a great affordable option. Made from high-end PU leather, it adds great protection to the front of the device while adding almost no bulk. The textured black design means it adds extra grip while staying in keeping with the minimalist aesthetic.

A microfibre lining keeps the screen clear of scratches and fingerprints, while your Kindle will automatically sleep/wake when you open and close it. 

You can buy it now for £13.99/US$11.99, while it’s also available for the Kindle Paperwhite (£13.99/US$11.99) and Kindle Oasis (£19.99/US$14.99).

6. Caseable for regular Kindle, Paperwhite

Caseable Amazon Kindle Case

Caseable cases offer a huge range of eye-catching patterns and graphics, including marble, animal print and floral designs. There’s even the option to personalise it with a photo of your own. 

Caseable’s cases are made of scratch and shock resistant “finely pored polyester” and a suede leather interior. The front cover also has a panel to hold notes, which some readers might find useful. Unlike the other cases on this list, they also secure the device in place using elastic straps.

This particular case is made for the latest regular Kindle, but it’s also available for the Kindle Paperwhite at the same price (£27.90/US$29.90).

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7. Fintie Book Style for Paperwhite

Fintie Folio for Kindle Paperwhite

Here’s another option from Fintie if you’re looking for something with old-world charm. It’s made of synthetic leather and has a branded design on the front.

The e-reader slots into the inner pocket, and is held in place with a velcro flap. Like many of the other cases on this list, it puts your Kindle to sleep on closing.

This fits both the 10th-gen (2018) and 8th-gen (2016) versions of the Kindle Paperwhite. It’s available in a number of groovy designs, while there’s even more of a selection if you’re in the US.

You can buy it now for £16.99/US$16.99. A flip case is also available for the Oasis at US$18.99, but it’s currently unavailable in the UK

Still looking to buy a new Kindle? Unsurprisingly, all are exclusively sold at Amazon. The regular Kindle, Paperwhite and Kids Edition are available now, while the Oasis is expected to be back in stock on 10 March. 


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