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Best Kindle: which Amazon ereader should you buy?

The best Kindle you can buy in 2018 lets you read your growing Amazon ebooks library without requiring you to spend a fortune on Apple’s latest iPad. Amazon has essentially taken over our ereader recommendations list, so we’ve made one dedicated to Kindle products, and we have updated our rankings in advance of Amazon Prime Day 2018.

Offering a combination of slick performance, beautiful displays and low prices, the best Kindles stand in stark contrast to those wallowing at the bottom – with their cumbersome interfaces, high costs and ugly displays. So, to help you avoid those shoddy devices, we went ahead and put together a list of the best Kindles you can buy in 2018.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle (2016)

Simple digital reading at its best

Screen size: 6-inch | Screen type: Pearl e-paper | Storage: 4GB | Resolution: 167ppi | Weight: 161g | Backlight: no | Touchscreen: yes | Wi-Fi: yes | 3G: no | Battery life: up to four weeks


Improved design

No backlight

Screen could be better

The Amazon Kindle, or all-new Kindle as Amazon calls it, is the most basic and affordable ereader the company sells, coming in at just £59.99/$79.99 (about AU$105).

And it’s not much different to the previous model, which means you get an adequate (but not backlit) touchscreen, a long lasting battery and plenty of space for all your digitial tomes, plus an intuitive interface, that makes navigating your books a breeze.

Where it’s improved is in the design – 2016’s model is slimmer and lighter than what’s come before, so even though you could essentially be carrying an entire library with you it won’t even feel as weighty as a single paperback.

Amazon’s also given its latest basic model a power boost, for fairly snappy performance. It’s no match for the Oasis, Voyage or even Paperwhite, but at just over £50/$65 it doesn’t have to be.

Why should I buy it? Because you want a bargain and can live without the backlight and sharper screen found on pricier Kindle’s.

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