It’s so common it could be considered a modern rite of passage — getting a mobile phone before even graduating from primary school.

Whether parents decide to take the technological leap due to safety, security or accessibility concerns, the next step is picking a phone and mobile plan to suit the needs of your young ones.

And while they might prefer you splash out on the newest iPhone, in reality it’s a costly purchase neither you nor they need. Instead the combination of purchasing a basic unlocked phone, or dusting off a hand-me-down, and a SIM-only mobile plan will almost definitely be cheaper than buying a new phone on a plan. Plus, this can be a better option if you’re worried about your child or teen losing or damaging a pricier model.

So before you add their number to your contacts, take a look at these affordable mobile plan options below.

Telstra’s $10 SIM Starter Kits

Unlike traditional prepaid systems where you’re charged based on how many minutes you rack up on the phone or how much data you use, or the number of texts you send, Telstra does things a bit differently. The telco’s recharge options are structured so that each recharge gives you unlimited calls and a certain amount of data, but you pay for the length of time in which you have access to the service.

Prices begin at $10 for 2GBs of data and a seven-day expiry, $30 for 25GBs of data and a 28-day expiry and $300 for 150GBs of data and 12 months expiry.

You don’t have to finish your data before your next recharge either. Customers who opt for the seven or 28 day recharges have access to continuous data rollover of up to 200GBs.

Optus’ $1 Flex Daily Plan

If your child is at a point where they can pay for their own bill, Optus’ $1 Flex Daily Plan means there’s no reason why they won’t be able to manage their phone bill. They’ll receive 1GB of data every day until they cancel or edit their plan, with data rollover of up to 200GB and unlimited standard talk and test to Australian numbers. Plus, there are no lock in contracts, meaning you can cancel at any time and it’ll costs nothing to order a SIM card.

Dodo’s $5 SIM-only mobile plan

If you’re not comfortable with giving your child internet access on their phone, Dodo’s super affordable $5 plan offers bang for your buck. Although no data is included, users do get unlimited talk in Australia, unlimited national and international text and no-lock in contracts.

However, once your child is ready, or when you feel comfortable doing so, you can also choose to add-on a 3GB data pack for just $10 a month. International talk and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) packs are also available for $5 a month.

Amaysim’s $20 SIM-only mobile plans

Considering your child shouldn’t be using their phone during school hours, 6GBs of data every 28 days should be ample. If not, extra data is also available for an additional $10 per GB. Amaysim have also slashed the price of their $12 plan to just $6 for the first renewal. This plan comes with unlimited talk and text to standard numbers in Australia, 2GBs of data and renews every 28 days.

It’s also worth noting that all their plans come with no lock-in contracts, east mobile number transferral, free SIM delivery and use of the Optus 4G Plus network.

Vodafone’s $35 SIM-only prepaid plan

For a plan that offers unlimited standard national calls and texts and a generous data allowance, Vodaphone’s $35 is sure to please. It’s perfect for the older teen who either requires more internet access thanks to its 50GB of Max Speed data allowance. Another perk of Vodafone’s SIM-only phone plan also includes an Infinite Data feature where you can still access data at a reduced speed of 2Mbps, 10Mbps or 25Mbps (depending on your plan) once you finish your Max Speed data. Thanks to Vodafone’s Network Satisfaction Guarantee you also have 30 days to decide whether your satisfied with Vodafone’s network service, meaning you’ll get your money back if you’re not happy with the results.

Catch Connect’s 365 Day Mobile Plan – 120GB, $120

Unlimited standard national talk and text, a 365-day contract and access to Optus’ high-speed and wide-ranging 4G Plus Network, this prepaid mobile plan offers excellent value which works out to be $10 a month. While you can get an additional 120GBs of data for $150, the fact that they have to monitor their data usage throughout the year will teach your kids to ration their online usage.

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