Stands for Nintendo Switch Lite

You may not think a stand is necessary for Nintendo Switch Lite, but that’s where you’d be wrong. Due to the Nintendo Lite being handheld, it’s incompatible with the Nintendo Switch docking station that links your Switch to the TV. With that in mind, you’ll need a stand for the Lite to play with friends, as well as for those intense sessions of Smash where you’ll want to use a Pro Controller. Thankfully, we’ve got a fair selection of stands for you to choose from.

These are the best stands for the Nintendo Switch Lite

You have to admit, all of these Switch Lite stands are pretty cool. Of course, a part of you may wonder why on Earth you’d want a stand for the Switch Lite when it’s a handheld console. Despite it being handheld, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to play multiplayer games with your friend. With that in mind, due to the Switch Lite unable to connect to a TV, you’ll want to invest in a stand that allows you and your friend to see the screen as you play together.

Every single one of these stands is pretty great, but there are a few that stick out, the first being the official Lite stand from HORI. With the HORI Lite stand, you’ll be able to play seriously with friends while charging at the same time. If you have both a Nintendo Switch and a Nintendo Lite, the stand is compatible with both consoles.

We also have a soft spot for the FYOUNG Lite stands, mostly because they are pretty and we want everything to match our Lite, no matter what. But aesthetics aside, the FYOUNG stands are very easy to carry around and are simple enough to set up that you’d be wrong not to consider purchasing one for your Nintendo Lite, along with maybe some other Switch Lite accessories.



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